What is Beard balm you ask?

Beard balm is a blend of all natural oils, butters and bees wax. The purpose of this balm is to give your beard a great look, helping to shape, while also giving providing your skin and facial hair with the nutrients it needs. Have you ever heard of sebum oil? Sebum oil, is the oil produced by your skin which keeps your skin and hair healthy and soft. When your beard begins to the grow the production of sebum oil cannot keep up with the demand of the facial hair. This causes the beard to start feeling itchy and dry. Buffalo Beard Company's beard balm consists of all natural oils and butters to replicate the skins natural oil production, while having the perfect amount of wax to give you the styling shape you want. All balms are infused with a unique essential oil blend to give off a wonderful scent, with therapeutic properties. With our beard balm, you will have the full, healthy, luscious beard that you long for. Use caution for people will not be able to control themselves from staring and asking to touch your beard.