One of the question of the ages for men is whether to shave off that facial hair or keep it growing. Many of us grow it out to prove just how manly we are, however, this is not always an easy feat. The man's body often takes a beating every day, whether it be from the ailments of working outdoors or the long, stressful days in the office. This especially shows on our face causing our skin and hair to become very dry and unhealthy looking. When this happens, having a beard can become a nightmare. The hair starts to look ragged and frayed, while the dry skin underneath starts to make it feel itchy and uncomfortable. Nothing is worse than a dry itchy beard! At this point many men just throw in towel and shave it off, because what else can we do? We're men, we can't use cosmetic products like women and still keep our man card, right?...Wrong! This is where Buffalo Beard Company comes in to save you. A company started by two life long best friends, Rich Burr and Luigi Fagiani. Guys who love beards, and were tired of the stereotypes. Buffalo Beard Company is a small company based in Buffalo, NY. We use only all natural ingredients, to make hand crafted products for men. We will help you to grow the healthiest, most comfortable, and best looking beard you have ever grown in your life! Plus, thoughtful consideration goes into each scent of our products to keep you smelling like a gentleman and not like you just put on women's deodorant like many of our competitors. Here at Buffalo Beard Company we are dedicated to giving you the best quality all natural products on the market all in an effort to save manliness one beard at a time.